Welcome To Our New Beverly Grove Arrangement Bar!

The Arrangement Bar at our beloved Beverly Grove store has a new look!


To celebrate, we sat down with our Arrangement Bar Manager, Brianne, to learn more about what changes have been made and some of the exciting updates we have in store for you all. 

For those who do not know, what exactly is an Arrangement Bar?

The Rolling Greens Arrangement Bars are a fun, interactive, and creative experience. Our baristas work with you to create custom arrangements that are uniquely you. We start with choosing a container and plants that capture your vision best. After our baristas place and plant everything, we add finishing touches using decorative topdressings. As your arrangement continues to grow, we offer replants and refreshes to keep it all looking happy and healthy. 

What are some of the unique features about the new Arrangement Bar at our Beverly Grove store? 

We have created an exclusive space that is just for our extraordinary Arrangement Bar experiences! This room is a perfect way to discuss your vision one-on-one with our designers.

What arrangements do we offer year-round?

Customers can always expect to find cacti, succulent, and orchid arrangements. We offer arrangements of various sizes that often include a combination of all three!

It’s finally holiday season! What can we expect from our Arrangement Bars this year?

Holiday season is our favorite time of year! We will customize garlands, wreaths, ornaments, and of course, our signature arrangements for gift-giving and home décor. I recommend you come early, and no project request is too big or too small.

What are the essential care tips to know about our arrangements?

Our succulent arrangements do well indoors and  thrive in a brightly lit area. They usually last anywhere from 4 to 6 months before needing to be refreshed or transplanted elsewhere. We recommend watering them every 10 to 14 days as needed. The best way to water is with a turkey baster, syringe, or a watering can with a long spout to be sure water gets in between the plants and not on top of them. The same goes for our orchid arrangements with a slightly different watering schedule. We typically recommend every 7 to 10 days.

We have a new store opening in a month in Studio City! Will there be an arrangement bar there as well?

Absolutely! Our incredible two-level Rolling Greens store in Studio City will have a spectacular, state-of-the-art Arrangement Bar and an experienced staff of baristas to help with any of your project needs.

What is your favorite arrangement to make?

That is an unfair question! We strive to imagine new and innovative projects, so just when I think I have a favorite, another one comes along! I suppose my favorite arrangements are those that I know bring joy to our deserving clientele!


We cannot wait for you all to visit the new Beverly Grove Arrangement Bar! To stay up to date on our new Studio City store, follow us on Instagram.