Taking Care of Your Terra Cotta Pots

There is much to love when it comes to terra cotta. To start, its rich red coloring creates the perfect contrast for all plants.

Plus, the use of this beautiful earthenware is very beneficial to the well-being of your plants due to its natural, porous, and thermal properties. ⁠ 


Terra cotta was first used in Prehistoric art between 26,000-24,000 BCE and originates from the Italian translation, baked earth. Today, it is widely used in art, architecture, and our favorite, planters. Just like plants, terra cotta pots require a bit of care.

Caring For Your Rolling Greens Terra Cotta Pots 

Maintaining A Worn And Aged Aesthetic

Our nurseries recently restocked our favorite aged Italian terra cotta collection. We have always been fascinated by the natural moss that grows on these pieces. To keep and speed up the moss on the exterior, mist the outside of the pots with water every few days.

Cleaning Terra Cotta Pots 

If you want to prevent algae growth and salt marks, it is important to give them a good scrub. We recommend using distilled vinegar with a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water. Before giving your pot a good scrub, make sure to remove all the loose dirt on the inside. 

Preventing Cracks

Terra cotta tends to crack easily. When moving them around, hold onto them tightly, don’t over-stuff them with soil, and make sure the pot is large enough for the root system of your plants.

Presoaking For A New Plant

If you are planting anything new, it is best practice to presoak the pot. Terra cotta is naturally porous, so soaking them will prevent the pot from retaining all the water that your plant needs during this important stage. We suggest soaking the pots in clean water for 24 hours. 

As we mentioned before, terra cotta is wonderful for all plants. However, it is very ideal for snake plants, monsteras, succulents, and any other plant that does not do well in moist soil. From aged, glazed, to unglazed, find your terra cotta match at both our Culver City and Beverly Grove nurseries today!