Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: Growing a Houseplant Must-have

Welcome to our first post in our Nurture Nature series! Here at Rolling Greens Los Angeles nurseries, we take pride in providing you with the highest quality and variety of plants and vessels.


We also take pride in ensuring that you have all the insight you need to keep your Rolling Greens plants happy and healthy. Our Nurture Nature series will be your number one source for plant care and maintenance. To start this series off, let's learn more about how to take care of a Fiddle Leaf Fig.  


Also known as Ficus Lyrata, this popular indoor tree is known for its grand, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright. It originates from Western Africa and prospers in humid, warm, and moist environments. Today, it thrives in homes around the world, under the right conditions, of course.  


Light: Bright indirect light is best for your Ficus Lyrata. It can also benefit from a few hours of direct light. Be cautious with those few hours as too much direct light will burn the leaves. Rotation is key with this plant! About once a week, when you water, rotate the plant a quarter turn a bit so the leaves can receive equal light. This rotation also allows it to grow tall and straight rather than bent and towards the light.  

Water: Water your Fiddle Leaf Fig every one to two weeks with room temperature to lukewarm water. Check it occasionally to ensure that water has not pooled at the bottom, which may cause root rot. 

Temperature: The ideal temperature for your Ficus Lyrata is between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Soil: Use well-draining soil and make sure to re-fertilize once or twice a year.  

Potting: Both our Culver City and Beverly Grove nurseries carry every size container you can imagine, which is very useful for this plant. They grow quite quickly. In fact, they can grow up to 10 feet tall! You know it's time to repot when you see the roots surfacing towards the outer edge. You can expect to repot every one to two years. Additionally, we recommend finding a container that is 3 to 4 inches wider in diameter and about two inches taller than the container it comes in.


As mentioned above, it's important to turn your Fiddle Leaf Fig once a week so all the leaves get equal sunlight. However, they can be fussy. Relocating them can shock the plant and harm the leaves. Once you bring it home, pick a location and stick to it! Additionally, it is essential to wipe down those big leaves. They collect a lot of dust which prevents the plant from absorbing sunlight. We recommend wiping down the leaves once a month with a damp cloth.  

There is much to love about a Ficus Lyrata. However, what makes it one of our favorites is its ability to make a bold statement while fitting into any decor style. You can purchase this beautiful botanical at either of our stores and on our online shop. We carry them year-round, starting at 6 feet tall in both lollipop and column varieties.   

Happy shopping!