How We Designed The Cover Of Ventura Blvd Magazine

So far this year, our Rolling Greens design team has been involved in some remarkable projects. Recently, we had the honor of working with Ventura Blvd magazine to style the cover of their May home and garden issue!


When we were first asked to be a part of this project, we were instantly inspired. However, it wasn't until we learned where in the San Fernando Valley we were going to style this magazine cover that we became truly enamored. To celebrate this collaboration, we sat down with Raychel and Megan from our design team to learn more about what goes into styling an undertaking such as this.  

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell

Had you visited this Encino estate prior? If yes, how did that inspire your design?

Yes! It’s always helpful to get a visual of the space you will be working in. Penny, the owner of the estate, gave us a tour of the greenhouse and the rest of her amazing property. She even sent us home with fresh citrus from her trees! From our tour, our minds started spinning with ideas as we realized that the space was big enough to fit some larger pieces of furniture and larger trees than we had originally anticipated. We knew we had to go big and create an abundant jungle environment for it to make a difference in the old greenhouse.

portrait Photographed by Shane O’Donnell of Penny Alpert

What is the design process like for a project like this?

Each project is different. Sometimes we need to design based on a particular product or theme, and sometimes the design has client-specific requests that we must work around. For this project, Linda from Ventura Blvd magazine gave us free rein to design whatever we wanted. Our design team worked together to come up with a vision that worked for the space. We visited both of our stores to pull together a mix of plants, containers, furniture, accessories, and more. For a photoshoot that is on location, it is always better to bring more than you think you will need so you have options to play with on site. 

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell of main residence


What was the inspiration? 

The property was so lovingly restored and maintained that we wanted our product to fit seamlessly into the environment. This historical space was perfect for us to do what RG does best, mixing old with new. We were able to mix vintage pottery, lighting, and décor with new candles, table, chairs, and dinnerware. 

Did anything change from the original design when the final display was finished? 

No, not much actually. We worked with the photographer to shift and take away small pieces to create a better shot, but the design in our minds came together seamlessly.  

What are some of the unique items featured in each display? 

We featured our vintage Willy Guhl hourglass planters on the center of the table. Willy Guhl pieces are timeless and are in high demand in the design world. We try to always carry as many pieces as we can in both of our stores. The large tree ferns in each corner really anchored our space and created a beautiful canopy for us to design around. A lot of the plants we brought in are unique tropical plants that can be hard to find. 

We will be joining the San Fernando Valley very soon ourselves with our Studio City store opening this fall. What are you looking forward to with this new store?

Our entire team is excited for a new space to design and to offer the best of RG to a new clientele. We are working very closely with the owners to ensure this store is unique and a little different from our other two locations. This new store will be two levels and will have a wine bar upstairs along with our signature Arrangement Bar and an outdoor patio with all your favorite sun-loving plants. Downstairs will feature an apothecary bar, furniture, décor, and much more!

Stay tuned to our Instagram for updates on our new retail nursery in Studio City! Until then, head on over to Ventura Blvd magazine to learn all about this historic Encino estate