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About Me

I met the Dye Family in 1974. At that time I was a serious amateur photographer. I had recently graduated Florida Atlantic University looking for a profession. My focus was on photography. Ian Barr reviewed and appreciated my portfolio, which began my apprenticeship at “Ian Barr Photography.” That association led to assisting Peter Langone at “4x5 Studio” and Richard Hoch of “Hoch Studio.” There I gained experience in lifestyles, landscape, tabletop and architectural photography. As an assistant I did have professional assignments and the Dye’s became a steady client. In 1989 I became staff photographer for Dye Design’s International. In addition Perry Dye asked that I manage his trade show program. This produced around the world trips shooting Dye designed courses and marketing Dye Designs globally. Five years later after many trade shows, courses and countries I organized Rolling Greens Photography, Inc. From that point forward I had 4 special clients, Perry, Pete, Alice and P.B. Dye. That unique personal relationship has continued to present day. The result is over 135 Dye designed courses and 35 years of family history in photography. My biggest assignment has been to digitize the life and history of the Dye Family from Alice and Pete’s beginning to present. Visit Rolling Greens Photography by Ken May.